Life Update 7/8/2017

hi, just a little update… little by little I’m getting astray from programming. I love programming but my family comes first so I have to change my career path. I feel that I can earn more in programming but that’ll take time to reach that salary goal. so for the next 5 years I will be stuck on public service which is also nice since I really need to workout my social skills (I don’t really like talking long to people), but I am still planning and wanted to get right back to programming as soon as possible.


carry on.

J.C Staff please comeback!

Screenshot (87).png

(edit: this shot looks good, gonna add this one in the cover photo.)

I fucking swear that J.C Staff needs to return back to it’s roots!!! I also swear that they are the only anime-tion studio that produces GODLY tier teen tsundere characters! They should really find right now a source that’s been bundled with romance, action, harem and fantasy genre… and they can swim again  in monnniiieeesss….




for the time being I am DL-ing Philosophy Raws’ Shakugan no shana Collection. Time to re-watch this legendary anime…

wysihtml5 setValue error

if you are using bootstrap-wysihtml5 for your textareas and you need to set the textarea value by using

this line of code :

$('#textarea').data('wysihtml5').editor.setValue('set of text here');

and happened to encounter this error :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setValue' of undefined

just head over to your bootstrap3-wysihtml5.all.js file and make sure you are using the version :

version : 0.4.13

and if not, you can get the file which can be found in here : Download the source code here.

extract the file and head over to dist/ directory and from there you can find


which has the 0.4.13 version. hope this helps.